Me&Thee Coffee House

About the Me&Thee coffeehouse

The Me&Thee coffeehouse is one of the oldest and most respected acoustic venues in the United States. And its rise to the top has been no accident. It’s the result of thousands of hours of volunteer love and labor from hundreds of people through the years who have given of themselves to provide a warm and professional atmosphere for this music to thrive.

As reporter Daniel Gewertz wrote in a 1995 cover story in North Shore Magazine, “The term “folk community” is used frequently among the musically inclined in New England . . . yet, there is one North Shore institution that so exemplifies the ideals of ‘folk community’ that no other term can apply.”

He goes on to write: “There isn’t a single salaried employee on the staff. From booking artists, creating the schedule and publicizing the gigs to selling the cider and tweaking the sound board, all the labor is volunteer.”

“The volunteers of the Me&Thee experience folk music from the inside; their relationship to the music isn’t just intimate, it’s positively interactive. And when they talk of the Me&Thee being like family, the term isn’t just a simile.”

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